Our History

The Golden Steer feels like 
the soul of Las Vegas.

The Golden Steer is the oldest continually operating steakhouse in Las Vegas and has been serving “The Best Steaks on Earth” TM since 1958. It is filled with history and stories from the famous celebrities who dined there, and the signature red leather booths named in their honor from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe. If you have ever seen the movie Casino most of the restaurant scenes were based on moments from the Golden Steer, a beloved hangout spot for the Mafioso back in the day.

Today, patrons dine at the Steer to experience fine dining at its most classic core – tuxedo servers, white tablecloths, Caesar salad tableside, flaming desserts, giant twice baked potatoes, and the most flavorful steak you’ve ever had. As one customer stated, “The Golden Steer feels like the soul of Las Vegas.”