Give the gift of the most iconic steakhouse in Las Vegas. You can find the recipes from the Golden Steer Steakhouse in our cookbook. Cook like our own chefs & get our in-house proprietary blend, Sergio's Seasoning! You can even order our famous USDA Prime Steaks straight to your door. All items are from Golden Steer Steakhouse and fulfilled by Golden Steer Steak Company our eCommerce brand.
The Complete Show
Sergio's 8 oz Seasoning
The 308: A Seasoning Set
Golden Steer Steakhouse 65th Anniversary Edition Cookbook
Iconic Pin
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Golden Steer Gift Set
Taste of the Golden Steer
Table 40 8 oz Seasoning
Bowtie 8 oz Seasoning
Embroidered Napkins - Set of 2
Golden Steer Digital Gift Card
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Maitre d' Butter
De Jonghe Butter
Prime Butter
The 308 Gift Set
Dealer’s Choice: Compound Butter Trio
French Cuffs 8 oz Seasoning
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The Grill Pack