Stories from the Steer: Mobbed Up

Our proprietor, Dr. Michael J. Signorelli, sat down with the Review Journal and talked about our history. You can listen to the entire Mobbed Up podcast


  • Paul Reyes

    Great atmosphere, great food, great service. It’s nice to find even one of those things in a restaurant, but we’ve been fortunate to experience all three at Golden Steer. Highly recommended.

  • Elizabeth Mulhern

    10/10 gold stars! I absolutely LOVED it! Best food, best service and best setting. Sipping a Golden Steer cocktail listening to Frank Sinatra pure magic!

  • Nancy

    First timers and going to be regulars now. The lobster tale was the best! Definitely share sizes and more than enough to fill atleast 2 if not 3 ppl. Great service and elegant vibe.

  • Danielle


  • Diana

    Such a great place with lots of fun history. It’s like going back in time. Food is amazing and service is awesome!!

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