“There's no better compliment to your kitchen!”

- Food Channel

“There's no better compliment to your kitchen!”

- Food Channel
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STARTING AT $17 per month Save 10% | Free Shipping Always

We start you with Sergio's Seasoning, the seasoning for every dish. After that, you select your blend of choice. Auto-renews monthly and you can skip/cancel anytime.

Starting at $78 per month Save 10% | Free Shipping Always

Enjoy our best-selling Maitre d' Butter and Sergio's Seasoning, accompanied by a limited-edition seasonal selection. Auto-renews monthly, skip or swap anytime.

Starting at $200 Per Month Save 10% | Free Shipping Always

Choose your favorite cuts to create a box or select a beloved bundle. Auto-renews monthly, skip or swap anytime.

Monthly subscribers may cancel anytime, and Golden Steer Box charges and delivery will cease starting the calendar month after your cancellation.

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Elevate the everyday Meal


1. Sign up

Pick your subscription tier: Seasonings, The Pantry Subscription Kit, or Signature Steaks.

2. Unbox

Your box arrives at your doorstep, and you’ll never run out of fantastic seasonings for memorable meals all year long.

3. Enjoy

Just like the 777 on the slots, you'll feel like a winner with every delivery. You'll receive special members-only discounts on our favorite Golden Steer seasonings and steaks. Plus, exclusive access to our seasonal favorites!

Why every month?
You’re gonna make countless meals at home, aren’t you sick of everything tasting the same? Our customers use our blends everytime they cook because they are so versatile. And of course you’re gonna run out.


Absolutely! You can change your subscription anytime. Skip, swap, cancel all at your fingertips in your account portal. You'll also receive an email 3 days before reminding you of your upcoming order. Feel free to throw in any add ons or extra products.

Yes, just go to your online account portal and choose the cadence that works best with your cooking style.

We've got you covered. You can choose a specific date in your account portal or we can help you! As a subscriber you get access to our concierge service, reach out and one of our team members will set the date for you.

Go to the right hand side and click the person icon to login to your account. You can update your shipping & billing information, see past orders and future deliveries.

“This is a classic steakhouse at its finest.”

Condé Nast

“Make like Elvis and Sinatra and go for steaks at The Golden Steer, at it since 1958...”

Food and Wine

“Decadent... Food always makes a great gift.”