Free Steak Guide to Cook PERFECT steak

By the Most Iconic Steakhouse in Las Vegas

Want in on all our secret recipes and cooking tips for steak? Since 1958 we've been serving "The Best Steaks on Earth" to famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Now we're bringing the steaks to your home. 

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What's Inside?

All About Steaks

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about your beef. 

  • Grain-finished, Grass-fed vs Organic

  • Wet-aged vs Dry-Aged

  • What part of the cow does my steak come from?

Cooking Techniques

There are many ways to cook a steak - but which way is right? We explore everything from where to cook your steaks, to the best seasoning techniques.

  • Cast iron and indoor cooking 

  • Gas, Charcoal, and Electric grill techniques

  • How to season your steaks

Recipe Content

It wouldn't be a guide to steaks without some recipes, right? Many of the sides inside are quick to prepare, so you can enjoy your meal in 45 minutes or less.

  • How to use our accoutrements, Maitre D' Butter and Au Jus

  • Perfect pairings such as Creamed Corn or Baked Potatoes

  • Leftover recipes