The Best Steaks on Earth™


“It started as the most famous steakhouse in Vegas, and now we’re shipping to your door. Our restaurant is filled with history and stories from the famous celebrities who dined there. And while the signature red leather booths are still named in their honor from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe, the experience of our top-grade beef can now be enjoyed at your own kitchen table."

History and Heritage

Not only are we the oldest continually operating Las Vegas steakhouse, but we're a family owned and operated establishment. Michael J. Signorelli became the proprietar of the Steer in 2001 and in 2019 his daughter, Amanda Signorelli, took over.

Critics Love Us

We've been reviewed by the best for being the best.

  • "Lots of famous steakhouses will ship you a steak, but only the Golden Steer, Las Vegas’ most storied independent steakhouse - and famously Frank Sinatra’s favorite - will ship you a complete dinner."

  • "No food is as loved in Sin City as steak, and The Golden Steer has been the place for beef since 1958."

In-house to Your Table

We butcher our steaks in house and have been doing so for over 60 years. Whether you're at the steakhouse or ordering online, we only serve the top 6% of beef in America. 

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