We know you love steak


As the oldest steakhouse in Vegas, The Golden Steer has legendary status since the 1960s for serving "The Best Steaks on Earth™" to the most famous stars like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra. See why your fellow carnivores made the switch. 

Customer Love

The Golden Experience

A 60+ year legacy

We've been serving "The Best Steaks on Earth™" for over 60 years. As the oldest steakhouse on the Las Vegas trip we take our job as entertainers very seriously. Every signature box is built to be a thoughtful, premium, and quality experience.

More than just steaks

Every box of USDA Prime steaks comes with all the upgrades WITHOUT the up-charge. That's right we won't nickel and dime you. Inside every box you'll find our accoutrements trio - Sergio's seasoning, house-made maitre d'butter, Au Jus along with a Spotify playlist. Plus it ships free. 

Many companies say our customer service is great but they aren't in hospitality - need a recipe idea? Questions on how to cook? We're here to help.

Truly premium

- only top 6% 

Our steaks are 30% larger than most companies. We believe in larger than life portions and bringing the taste of Vegas to your dinner table. And it's not just the steaks — our boxes come with luscious sides and generous portions to complete your meal.