Microwaving the Perfect Steak

The microwave is one of the most underrated tools in our kitchen. It can reheat our leftovers or even prepare the perfect steak. Hot and tender on the outside, steaming and the perfect pink on the inside. Our content creator, April, decided to test the recipe and has shared her step-by-step guide below:

  • Step One: Have a microwave. This is very important.
  • Step Two: Pick your steak of choice. April chose a filet that had been in her freezer a long time. She did not defrost it.
  • Step Three: Season your steaks on both sides. While usually she uses Sergio's Seasoning, April picked a store-brand sauce from the clearance section of her local grocery.
  • Step Four: Microwave your steak to desired doneness. For this recipe, we like our steaks well-done, that's about five minutes.
  • Step Five: Scroll below for our guide on serving.















April fools! No steaks were harmed in the production of this blog. If you are looking for grillable steaks, our suggestions are below:

  • Sergio's Seasoning: Our house-made blend perfect for steaks, vegetables, and other grillables.
  • The Sammy: Four USDA Prime 16oz New York Strips. Check out our Instagram @goldensteersteakco to see some of our favorite grilling moments.
  • The Mafiosa: Two USDA Prime 22oz Bone-in Ribeyes and two USDA Prime 8oz Filets complete the package. Tender and packed with fierce flavor, you'll be sure to please with these signature cuts.


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  • Ruth Brewster

    This is terrific. I started my day with a laugh. What a wonder!
    Keep up the good work, you’ve got a lot at STEAK!

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